If your Shopify store sells age-restricted products such as; alcohol, wine, tobacco, e-cigs, or vaping products... Age Verification is an important first step in blocking access to underage visitors.

Shopify merchants are blessed with a wide range of Age Verification Apps available in the store. Some of free and a few at minimal charges.

What an Age Verification app in Shopify lets you do?

A customer when lands on your website are asked to confirm his age by entering his birth date. He is to declare that he is of legal age to get to your site’s content and product. 

By announcing himself of the legitimate age, the visitor can hence get to your site and you can safely conduct your business with him. Age Verification App by HulkApps lets you do bove things at NO PENNY!

Let’s see how can you configure the minimum age in the Age Verification App by HulkApps.

Step 1: Go to the app > Popup Window Settings


Step 2: Enable / Disable Setting > Enable the app by checking the checkbox

Popup Window

Step 3: Customization > Age Validation Setting

Age Verification Popup Features - Age Validations, Birthday Inputs & more...

Step 4: Enable the “Verify Via Birthday Inputs” option

This will allow you to verify the age of the website visitor by their birthdays.

Step 5: Enter the minimum age in the “Age Validation Settings” option

Note:- Please make sure you add the accurate age because when you’re predefining a minimum age, no users below the respective age will be allowed to enter your site.

Step 6: Hit the “Save” button & Check your site

Age Verification Popup Features - Age Validations, Birthday Inputs & more...

That’s it!

This is how you validate the user’s input via their birthdays or by setting the minimum age using the 2 most important features of the app.

Hope you enjoyed, very soon we’ll talk about another interesting feature of the app i.e Popup Settings 

Stay tuned!