Nowadays Age verification could be a key component over online portals in case you're offering a few particular industries products to ensure services are only conveyed to those who are old enough to get them.

In case the website is offering specific products which are suitable only for specific age run, Age verification Master grants access to the site only after confirming the user’s age.

This Shopify Age Verification App holds user until they verify their age. In case a user is not old enough as per your site configuration, he/she will get a message that they are not allowed to access the content of the site as they lack the minimum age required to enter the site.

Once age is verified by the user, the Age verification Master will not come again until cookie specified time (in the backend) expires.

Additionally, the app allows you to customize popup text, logo & headings and much more in case the store merchant wants to add personalized text as per website nature.

Let’s get started...

Step 1: Go to the app > Popup Window Settings

Age Verification Popup

Step 2: Enable / Disable Setting > Enable the app by checking the checkbox

Age Verification Popup

Step 3: Configure the minimum age & Birthday inputs

Age Verification Popup - Step-by-Step Guide

Step 4: Customize the Popup as per your requirements

Step 5: Hit the “Save” button

Step 6: Time to check!

Age Verification Popup - Step-by-Step Guide

And you’re done!

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