NOTE: These integration guidelines are limited to Shopify Online Store 1.0 only.

Like most of the Shopify apps, we also offer automatic theme integration. It works for almost all the themes available in Shopify.

Please ensure to integrate the theme with your store's duplicate/staging theme to avoid conflicts.

Follow the steps for theme integration:

With Online Store 1.0Theme Integration, it is necessary to manually add the snippets in the theme files to display the Trust and/or Payment Badges in the Shopify storefront.

The location of the badges is a subjective choice, and choices differ in deciding the ideal location to place the badges in the store. Hence, we have given app users to set the codes in the theme files at their preferred location.

Adding the Trust Badges

1. Access the Shopify store admin and navigate to Themes > Choose the theme > Actions > Edit Code

Badge Master - theme edit code

2. In this example, we are adding the Payment Badges below the Add to Cart button in the Product Page of the Shopify Store.

3. Copy the code <div class='hulkapps-trust-icons'> </div> (this code can also be found at the bottom of the Trust Badges configuration page.)

Badge Master - Copy Code

4. Find the code of the Add to Cart button in the store’s theme template and place this snippet just below the Add to cart Button code. And save the template.

Badge Master - Copy Code

5. Check the product page and you’ll observe the badges displayed below the Add To Cart button.

Badge Master - Copy Code

Guidelines mentioned above also applies for the Payment Badged placement.

Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme doesn’t require any code placement. The badges can easily be enabled and placed right from the theme customization in the Shopify Dawn theme.

Check out the steps below to understand how Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme works with the app :

1. Navigate to the Online Store section of your Shopify store and under the Themes page look for your preferred Shopify 2.0 theme that is compatible and click on the Customize.

Dawn theme customization

2. On the Theme Customization page, click on Theme Settings on the bottom left corner.This enables you to customize the new Shopify Dawn theme.

Shopify Theme Settings

3. Click on the App embeds tab on the right side of the page under Theme settings block and enable the Add Badges and Icons option and Save the settings.

Add Badges and Icons

4. Now, click on the Add section option on the left side of any customization page. And select the Payment Icons/Trust Badges option and Save the template.

Add Badges and Icons


5. Preview the Shopify storefront by selecting the View button from the Action menu available in the top menu and find the badges on the page its added to.

Add Badges and Icons

NOTE: You can drag and drop the section to adjust the position of the badges as per your preference.