NOTE: These integration guidelines are limited to Shopify’s Online Store 1.0 only.

Like most of the Shopify apps, we also offer automatic theme integration. This will work for almost all the themes available across the Shopify platform.

Please make sure you always perform the Theme Integration in a Duplicate/Staging theme of your store to avoid any conflicts.

Please follow the following steps to perform the Theme Integration:

Open the Product Reviews App from your Shopify store’s App listing page and click on the Instal Info button on the top menu and then select the theme of your choice in the Manually Add/Remove Snippets section and click on the Add button.

Theme Integration

After a successful Theme Integration, if the reviews section is not visible on the Product page then, a user need to follow some necessary steps to add the snippets manually in the theme files for displaying the Product Reviews section on their Shopify storefront.

Please follow the following steps to insert the snippets manually into your Shopify store theme.

Accessing Theme Coding Structure
  • From the Actions menu select Edit Code option

    Install Instructions
Product Reviews Snippet
<div data-hulkapps-reviews data-hulkapps-reviews-list></div>

Hulk Product Review App Integration

For Average Review Display:

Shopify - Setup Instructions
You need the following code at any desired location inside your product page or/and collection product grid item.

<div data-hulkapps-reviews data-hulkapps-reviews-product-id=>{{ }}>></div>

For All Product Reviews Display:

If you would like to have a separate page to display all reviews from all products, include the product-reviews-all.liquid snippet at a page template that you're going to use for this purpose by using the following code:

<div id="hulk-reviews-all" data-hulkapps-reviews-list data-hulkapps-reviews></div>

So, these are the steps you need to follow to install our "Product Reviews" application in your store.

After this, users need to proceed with app installaton in store theme. User can install the app via "Automatic Installation". In any case if the automated process doesn't work, user can proceed with "Manual Installation" steps or can contact the support team for the same. Installation Support

Online Store 2.0 doesn’t require any code placement. The Options can easily be enabled from the theme customization.

Check out the steps below to understand how this works:

1. Navigate to the Online Store section of your Shopify store and under the Themes page look for your preferred Online Sore 2.0 compatible theme and click on the Customize button.

Theme Integration

2. On the Theme Customization page, click on the Theme Settings button in the bottom left corner.

Theme Integration

3. Click on the App embeds tab on the right side of the page under Theme settings block and enable the Volume Discount option and Save the settings.

Theme Integration

4. Select Product template from the dropdown menu.

Theme Integration

5. In the Product information section, click on the Average Rating option to display the product reviews avg. rating on the product page. (Always recommended to drag and drop the avg. reviews block below product title)

Theme Integration Theme Integration

6. Click on the Add section option in the bottom and add a section for the Product Reviews.

Theme Integration
  • Congratulations!

    You have successfully installed app and placed the snippets into your Shopify theme.

  • Need Installation Assistance?

    To facilitate a faster response, request Installation Support

    A staff account invite may be sent to