Uninstall Guide

Dive into the details of using Order Status Tracker App

Please follow the below steps to uninstall the app from your Shopify store :

Step: 1 Go to your store > Apps



Step: 2 Find Order Status Tracker App from the List

Uninstall Guide


Step:3 Click the “Bin” icon to remove the app from your store.

Uninstall Guide


There you go! You’ve successfully uninstalled the app from your Shopify store. At any point of time, if you feel to reinstall the app, feel free to visit our installation guide.


In any case, you just want to delete the Order Lookup page from your site, please follow these simple steps:


Step:1 Go to your store > Pages

Uninstall Guide


Step:2 Select the "Order Tracking Form" page

Uninstall Guide


Step:3 Go to More actions > Delete pages

Uninstall Guide


That's it! You've successfully deleted the page from your site. In any case, if you want the page back to your store, Go to the app & reload the dashboard, the page will be regenerated.

You may also use the "Visibility" feature if you don't want the page to appear on your site for some point of time. Doing this will save your time customizing the look & feel of your order lookup form.


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