A Myanmar-based gaming solution provider- K&K GAME STORE has a wide range of online games on their platform for users. Built for PS2, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX Series, and XBOX ONE gaming consoles, users can choose any online gaming solutions like Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Modern - to name a few.

Their users also include kids. Users love the redeemable gift cards to allow for savings on different online game types. The multi-currency payments have been a success for them. The strategy helps them draw users from China, India, Thailand, the US, and Myanmar. Until they found a native solution for Shopify stores, they built their user base through social media reach and promotions.


K&K GAME STORE was too quick to realize that they were unable to interact with potential customers. The growing dominance of the mobile-first approach was hard to overlook, although they had a website.

“We wanted our users to come and buy our gaming solutions, but it seems users were not so keen to browse our site even on mobile, bringing our traffic down to a few levels. With our sales performance dropping, we wanted to revisit our marketing strategy and build a more direct approach to interactivity,” said developer and owner Soe Kyaw Kyaw Aung at K&K GAME STORE.

Not providing users with the flexibility to access their content on a mobile application was a clear pointer that impacted their revenue flow. Today’s users don’t want to move to and fro into browsers for any kind of information, instead, they want the service to be available easily on any application- improving user experience and accessibility to the content.

There was an opportunity to reach an audience through a native solution. But, being a small team of game developers, our client had difficulties allocating appropriate funds to build the app through an agency or in-house team. Also, this solution might take several months or maybe a year into developing a mobile application technology, which could have a reverse impact on their performance.

Our client immediately needed to have a presence on the app store, but at the same time, they focused on optimizing cost-effectiveness. They chose to build a solution natively using the best mobile app builder for Shopify stores.



They emphasized a solution that would come up at a fraction of a cost but could bring exceptional efficiency and performance parallelly. After comparing thousands of eCommerce mobile app builders, they decided to collaborate with Hulk Mobile App Builder Shopify.

“We needed an application that could instantly blend with our Shopify store natively without us having to fix formatting or make major changes to the website backend. Hulk Mobile App Builder was truly a great piece of mobile technology to mirror our website persona, yet deliver much more flexibility to our users,” said Soe Kyaw Kyaw Aung at K&K GAME STORE.

It was a flexible journey to building their application natively, which was compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Our team at HulkApps had built the app with the necessary features our client needed for their gaming application. After a few tests, it was ready to be published in the play or app store just within a month.

Our client was satisfied with the features built on our app development software. Growing with a Shopify mobile app development tool now seems easy for them. A multitude of features is productive and efficient for them, while they have a great time utilizing push notifications. Also, Google Analytics & Facebook deep integration allows in-depth visibility into targeted users in proximity. This helps the gaming solution provider pull in data that tracks user activity, and thereby increasing their engagement. At any point of cart abandonment or new releases of games or offers, they could easily send out push notifications and generate new sales opportunities.

The users love the convenience and comfort of our product. At one go, it shows the prices of a particular gaming product to the users using multi-currency capability. The single-page checkout has been flexible and enabled a dramatic increase in users.

The flexibility of customization also makes it easy for the owner to make appropriate changes to the look and feel of their app in line with the Shopify store. Our ongoing maintenance gives them much-needed support to be compliant with the new versions of Android or iOS, hence making updates easy without losing any key functionality and productivity.



Ever since its launch in the app stores, K&K GAME STORE drew a good number of users and increased the sales of gift cards. The total revenue also saw a pleasant spike just in a few months. There was an estimated increase in overall sales up to 30% for them.

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