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Possibilities To DIY Your Shopify Theme Store Design As A Beginner?

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The aesthetics of your store heavily influence shoppers, so your site needs to exude attractiveness in addition to having straightforward navigation. That’s the key formula when it comes to web design; however, hiring a professional developer can be costly. If hiring a developer isn’t on the cards for you, have no fear — there are tons of companies offering pre-made Shopify themes and templates that you can modify to suit your tastes.

In this article, we’re going to explore the best ways to source and create top-notch Shopify themes and templates.

Section 1: Buy Beautiful Shopify Themes

First things first, you need a beautiful classic theme for your store! Here’s where you can find, buy, and customize the perfect theme. The Shopify Theme Store In Shopify Theme Store, you’ll find both free and premium Shopify themes. Most of these designs (even the free ones!) are pretty high-quality. The templates are specially designed to build credibility for your brand and create trust with your shoppers, so rest assured that they’re an excellent starting point for your business to start optimizing the store visitors to hang around and explore what your store has to offer.

As you scout through the Shopify theme store’s library, it soon becomes clear that professional designers create these themes. For that matter, many of the premium Shopify themes are crafted by renowned designers like Pixel Union and Out of the Sandbox, so they’re designed and developed by some of the best in the business.

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Every month, thousands of merchants visit the Shopify Theme Store to find the perfect look for their online shop. But not all of them find what they’re looking for—instead, some will want a custom theme or are migrating from an existing platform. This presents a unique opportunity for HulkApps to develop Shopify themes to the list of industries.

The different types of shopify themes.

One of the best things about the HulkApps Shopify theme store is that you can filter their themes by industry. This saves your time, and you can literally skip straight to the designs that are relevant to your métier.

Here are the many industries that the HulkApps Shopify theme store caters their themes to:

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As you explore HulkApps’s multiple professional-looking Shopify Themes, you’re bound to find a layout and design that suits your vibe for the eCommerce store. With just a click on the theme you like, it’ll populate the following information:

It’s features
The price
Reviews from other users
It’s updates
Release dates

With these details available, you’re more likely to find the right theme for your store and make a purchase you won’t regret. Not to mention, you can also see a live demo of the theme. All in all, there’s no benefit of the doubt because you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and you know you’re getting it from a reliable and well-established Shopify design expert team.

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Best of all, it’s quite easy to edit HulkApps Shopify themes. Within limited actions, you can modify the templates to augment the feel of your brand. If you’re keen on modifying your Shopify theme, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can customize the following elements:

The size of your posts
Your headers
Infinite scrolling

These are just a couple of options you can edit to create a better user experience. On the subject of user experience, HulkApps Shopify Theme templates are mobile-friendly, so it doesn’t really matter what size screen your store shoppers are using they’ll all enjoy a top-notch user experience.

However, HulkApps sees no bound in extending its services to help merchants customize other Shopify themes. When it comes to customer support, HulkApps is one of the leading resources with 300 + services on their list. In the resource center, you’ll find plenty of articles and guides that provide the answers to all your questions. Alternatively, you can raise a free ticket regarding your query, and you’ll receive an email in response.

Section 2: Creating customized shopify themes with HulkApps

In addition to purchasing a pre-made Shopify theme, you have the option of building a custom theme of your own with HulkApps. Just send a request, and we'll happily create a personalized Shopify theme for your brand.

You’ll to just give us as much information as you can about the products and/or services you sell on your Shopify site. The more additional information you provide us, the easier it is for HulkApps Shopify Experts to bring your vision to life. HulkApps services are designed to meet all scales of business.

Customizing a pre-made Shopify theme can cost you anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands, depending on your needs, but to ease your options, Shopify Experts at HulkApps have crafted Shopify Theme Setup Package where you can expect to spend anywhere between $99 to $999.

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Impulse Shopify Theme

Designed by Archetype Themes to help Shopify Merchants get started by showcasing custom promotions throughout the Shopify store.

The impulse theme's powerful custom promotional features and minimalist, modern design give you the ability to design a feels good website that helps you sell as effectively as any top brand in the targeted industry.

The theme comes with three preloaded styles (they call them “presets”): Modern, Clean, and Bold. They have a sample preview of the website with each style. If you want advanced customization, HulkApps Shopify theme Experts are always available for you.

DIY Impulse Shopify Theme Customize options:

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Create a mega-menu:

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With the Impulse Shopify theme, you can automatically create a multi-column "mega-menu" dropdown for your navigation wherever your navigation includes three levels of links

Add a FAQ page

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First, navigate to the page you want to designate as your FAQ template and change the template setting to page.faq ( this is visible only if the theme is published). Second, open the theme editor and navigate to that page. Later, Click on Page.faq page. Here you'll find the ability to add a Rich text or Question content block. Use the Rich text block to create separate sections of questions, and the Question block to add an expandable answer box.

Create subcollections

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Subcollections, or "collections within collections", let you automatically add prominent links to other related collections at the top of your collection pages. Impulse will automatically show subcollections whenever the navigation link to your current page has more collections listed within it.

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Streamline Shopify Theme:

The Shopify Streamline theme developed by Archetype is a modern theme created for a new generation of shoppers. Mobile-first design, lightning-quick load times, and eye-catching animations.

This Shopify theme is highly sensitive as it adapts to the screen of small devices, decreasing the size of tabs, and presenting images with pixels that are convenient and readable. It unlocks the considerable customer base to the business, empowering your business to leverage heights

The Streamline Shopify theme lets you visually attract your store visitors with multiple texts, images, and page animations.

Whatever market you’re in, you need to protrude your competitors to have your brand voice heard, and the Streamline Shopify theme features and customization could give your brand the edge it needs to boost sales. If you want advanced customization, HulkApps Shopify theme Experts are always available for you.

DIY Streamline Shopify Theme Customize options:

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Remove "powered by Shopify" from the footer?

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You can remove the "Powered by Shopify" link from your footer by editing your theme code, finding the Sections folder, opening footer.liquid, and searching for and deleting this line of code.

{{ powered_by_link }}

How to use Page sections?

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1. Create a new Page, add a title, and switch the Template setting on the right to the page.sections (how to assign a page template)

2. Open the Theme Editor, click on the Home page dropdown, scroll down to your new Page, and click on the Page.sections page section from the sidebar(it is visible only is Streamline Shopify Theme is live)

3. Start editing! Either use the sections that have been provided or start removing and replacing them with sections of your choice.

Add background videos

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Step 1: On your Shopify store, navigate to Settings > Files, click the Upload file button, and begin uploading your video file. Copy the URL link of the video.

Step 2: On your Shopify store, navigate to Customize Theme, click the section of your choice and paste your link into the Background video link field. Your video is now in place and will autoplay without sound

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Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

As its name suggests, Fashionopolism Shopify Theme is an elegant and sophisticated theme style for stores that allows you to display impactful imagery and multiple product collections on your store

This Shopify theme has four design styles:
Secret Sale
Popup Shop

The product flags (corner banners for New In, on sale, etc. products) that come with this theme are an important way to delineate how certain categories differ from others on the site. It helps to return your customers quickly to identify what has changed since they last visited. It is a highly influential point for stores with large amounts of return traffic.

In Shopify Fashionopolism theme, the cart icon is being placed in the middle of the page at the top of each mobile page. It is great for stores where multi-item purchases are common. This gives your customer to look at additional products and easily get back to their cart. These are the basic features , if you want advanced customization, HulkApps Shopify theme Experts are always available for you.

DIY Impulse Shopify Theme Customize options:

Hide The Sale Icons

Shopify - image

Step 1: In your Shopify Admin click on Themes > Customize Theme > Actions > Edit Code

Step 2: On the next page from the folders on the left choose assets > stylesheet.css.liquid. Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste in the following code.

.sale-item { display: none; }

Fix blurry images:

Shopify - image

From your Shopify Admin click on Themes > Customize Theme > Actions > Edit Code

On the next page open the Assets folder and choose Stylesheet.css.liquid

Scroll to the bottom of the page and after all other code paste in the following:

#logo img { max-width: 220px; }

Final thoughts to avail best Shopify Themes:

Building a well-known brand is not an easy task for any brand manager nowadays. With extensive competition in all industries, there are only a few ways to get popular with customers – by being unique and doing whatever it takes to customize your website regularly and often. Coming up with extraordinary products is one thing, but selling something that is already on the market is a completely different story.

While best Shopify themes give you a base technical ground for successful selling business, there are additional touches you can use to increase the success element for your brand.

One of the tricks is to create a custom Shopify theme - Be the perfect one among other sellers in the crowd. There are thousands of competitors, but a good thing is that most of them don’t pay much attention to custom design or even the general template they use.

Instead, they go with the easiest option and choose from existing options.

In the meantime, you can customize or build advanced functionalities in your very own Shopify theme with HulkApps Shopify Theme Services that will mirror all the essentials of the business you promote. Our services, like, embedding Shopify plus Scripts, PPC marketing, will assist you in driving more loyal customers to your web store.

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