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Harness Shopify Subscription APIs to Build Email Campaigns and Grow

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Article Overview: 

Small-sized Shopify merchants can venture into developing a cost-effective subscription model using Shopify subscription APIs and with its data handling capabilities, email campaigns can yield good profits even with a handful of recurring order offerings.  

Building subscriptions without any third-party apps has never been possible until Shopify rolled out its new tooling and technologies to support a very basic model of subscription management for merchants. With Shopify subscription APIs, merchants are able to leverage one of the thriving SaaS-based eCommerce boons and be part of a $473 billion projected worth of business model by 2025. 

If you look to build a thriving business, while also ensuring a predictable cash flow, recurring order management provides a better platform to grow and scale.  Subscription is today not just nice to have, but a must-have business structure for many merchants. Although DTC is the convenient way to connect with customers and keep up the average recurring revenue, today B2B interactions are paving the way for growth for a wide range of verticals with a variety of subscription boxes on offers. 

Any business is not about only building, it requires crucial strategic thought leadership to continue with the scalability. Improving the lifetime customer value LTV is a key concern to ensuring growth and preventing customer churn. It means as a merchant, a lot of customer interactions are indeed essential to build an audience by preventing any kind of customer churn possibilities. Here is analytics data all you need to build your customer interaction, which you can achieve by using email marketing automation. The best thing about Shopify Subscription APIs- they are helping with data harnessing. 

Shopify Subscription APIs simplifying data analytics and other essential recurring processes. 

For emerging merchants, Shopify is enabling great convenience and flexibility to build and manage a recurring business in a pocket-friendly way. 

Here’s how you can take advantage of Shopify Subscription APIs. 

Manage your recurring orders, one-time regular products, and payments in the Shopify ecosystem. 

  • Frictionless checkout 
  • The subscription app you would build with Subscription APIs blends natively with the Shopify checkout, meaning your customer no longer has to move to and fro between one-time product checkout and recurring order checkout. The frictionless and connected checkout experience allows customers to become loyal to your services and draw more sales.

  • Excellent cross-feature compatibility 
  • As Shopify manages your recurring orders and other one-time products, your app can easily be compatible with platform features that include shipping, discounts, Shopify Payments, and also analytics. This subscription app ideally helps you manage a basic portfolio of recurring orders -

    • Create a variety of subscription boxes 
    • Manage payments by embedding payments processors that existing recurring apps do not provide in Shopify.
    • Use data for marketing such as customer interaction via email marketing 
  • Robust data handling 
  • With existing customers that use subscription apps, Shopify represents data in a split- subscriber and regular customer data. 

    However, Shopify Subscription APIs make it easier to collect data relating to subscribers and regular buyers in a single Shopify dashboard. Thereby, there are multiple applications of this data for email marketing. 

    Now see Subscription APIs and their data collection abilities 

    Harness Shopify Subscription APIs  to Build Email Campaigns and Grow

    Now with this data pulling ability, Shopify merchants can harness data and use them for a wide range of use cases. 

    • Data can be used to launch Shopify email campaigns to improve customer retention by mesmerizing new subscribers and churned subscribers. 
    • Data from recurring revenues reports can help with new campaigns on new subscribers, active subscribers, or churned subscribers. 
    • Shopify Flow can be used to respond automatically in connection with a new subscriber created or churned occurred. 

    With third-party recurring order management apps, merchants need to have several tech stacks to pull data and then analyze it, but Shopify Subscription APIs eliminate this necessity. 

    Although it suits a basic model - to enable subscriptions for a single item like coffee and medical supplies- small-scale merchants would benefit from this new innovation from Shopify. 

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    Email campaigns to deal with customer churn

    Yes, it is crucial to dealing with customer churn. Every business is susceptible to experiencing a decline in sales- and subscription does not fall behind too. 

    Using data and insights, you can build your email campaigns to win back customers or try to connect with new subscribers, helping you establish customer loyalty, and ensure predictable cash flows. 

    Different ways to implement email campaigns to deal with churn mitigation. 

    • A subscription is due
    • Subscription canceled 
    • A subscription is created 

    You can build your email campaign when these events happen and you can better optimize your business. 

    Data and Analytics to improve average order value 

    To understand subscribe behavior, you can use data to improve customer LTV

    When the next charge is due, introduce the one-time product in the next shipment, 

    Send an email saying ‘get a one-time-free gift on your fifth delivery. It is an intelligent way to intrigue customers to get the fifth delivery. This is also a clever idea to increase customer loyalty and encourage churn reduction. 

    There are more ways you can use data to wake up inactive subscribers and inspire them to take action. 

    HulkApps subscription solutions can land you in safe hands who can set up your recurring order models and sync email service providers into your dashboard to improve visibility into customer interactions. 

    Email Service Provider Integration with your Subscription dashboard 

    HulkApps subscription experts can help you build your campaign the right way so not a single opportunity slips through the cracks. Mailchimp or Klaviyo are two powerful email marketing tools you can use to improve customer engagement and reduce churn. 

    Quick actions escalate every time there is an action by your subscribers. 

    Email marketing experts at HulkApps can build your email campaigning platform with Klaviyo or Mailchimp, so that emails are automated and they help with interactions. 

    Welcome email- a new recurring order is created, as webhooks communicate the latest interaction with your email provider, an automated email will escalate. This can encourage customers to take further steps to add one-time products or explore your services. 

    Winback customer emails- when an order is canceled, an email with a reactivation link may be a tricker way to win them back. 

    Upcoming order emails - recurring order frequencies are set. So, when a particular subscription is upcoming, an email trigger would inform customers to confirm the next order or add more orders as they may need. 


    Email campaigns are an important tool to enabling business resilience and growth. To make your budget-friendly recurring order management model more efficient using Shopify Subscription APIs, build email campaigns with powerful email marketing automation engines. HulkApps email marketing experts provide the best-in-class email campaign setup and ongoing support to help your business grow. To know more about email marketing for subscriptions or other critical services, get in touch with HulkApps


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