Shopify Migration Experts : Quick Tips & Case Study

Shopify Migration

This is a complete guide to Shopify Migration Tips that includes

  • Common Objections to Website Migration
  • Shopify Migration Case Study : Carnivore Club
  • Smart reasons to Migrate to Shopify
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Switching a platform will be full of myriad complexities. Ecommerce stores know they are in for motions with the migration! And when it comes to Magento to Shopify Migration, a company knows that all the hassle is worth the end product. You can't beat around the bush realizing that Magento 's vulnerability is petrifying you and already on Shopify fills the coffers of your competition.

Fears like 'sales will be destroyed,' 'traffic will be disrupted' are legitimate. Carnivore Club shared similar anxieties. Still, we've to remember: In the prick of a needle lies our cure!

Common Objections to Website Migration

"I've already invested too much time and money into my site"

We often hear this statement, and quite frankly, I completely understand! Naturally you'll be reluctant to change because of the money, time, and energy you've already invested in your current platform. It's a tricky thing to let go of. If you added up the amount of time and money spent on developing and generally operating the website over time, the broader picture shows that although a website migration will cost money in the short term, over time you will see that migrating to Shopify or Shopify Plus can actually save you money; eliminating hosting, development and maintenance costs.

"Won't a platform migration take 12 months or more?"

This is a common misconception when it comes to platform migration.

The reality is that with a prepared strategy and the right team in place, project migrations will take 3-4 months depending on the project's size. Additional development for enhanced functionality are variables that could prolong the timeline, or spend time developing your SEO marketing strategy.

"The timing is just not right for us at the moment."

This is possibly one of the most common objections I encounter. There are several reasons that are posed to justify the time being wrong: budget, other ongoing programs, lack of resources, etc.

The questions that we are asking are: when are you feeling like a good time? How do you know the business won't expand exponentially over the next 6-12 months and will your website be able to cope with the rise over traffic and orders if that happens?

The response is, you 'd not. Enter the term "futureproof" Your rivals may have already completed a move to Shopify, joining the hundreds of thousands of retailers using it already. Today, they 're not going to have to think about rising catering-Shopify grows with you. They won't need to worry about development costs, server or hosting costs, and much more because Shopify is the solution for it all.




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