Learn How to Add Structured Data to Boost your Store's SEO

Structured Data For Shopify

This is a complete guide to Structured Data in Shopify that includes:

  • What is Structured Data?
  • How to add a Structured Data Markup to your Shopify Homepage?
  • How to add a Structured Data Markup to your Shopify Product Pages?
  • Structured Data Tips
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What is Structured Data?

Structured data is the structured search results parameters that you see on google, such as links, explanations, names, places, social profiles, creators, writers, etc. That is also known as the markup of your schema.

You can use this testing tool to see if your structured data is set up: https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/

Let’s cut to the chase. You know it’s important, and you know why. In any case, you don’t, check out our Ultimate Guide to Structured Data For Shopify. But HOW do you set up structured data?

The steps below are for Shopify because Shopify does not come equipped with easy ways to add structured data to your posts/pages/products like many other websites. Don’t let that small detail stop you from reaching great heights on Google! These basic steps can be applied to any platform you have access to at the front-end.




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