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Shopify Themes - Minimal Choices for Impressive Ecommerce Experience

Shopify Themes

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With hundreds of themes offered in the Shopify store, getting started on your first Shopify theme or switching from another theme can be a daunting experience if you don't understand the theme features, functionalities, and other options.

HulkApps’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone, and to date, we’ve helped over thousands of Shopify, Shopify merchants turn what they’re into, into a full-scale business. Part of fulfilling that promise means ensuring you select the best theme, which allows you to flexibly choose the aesthetically attractive one and gives your online store the best look for attracting buyers.

"Shopify is an intuitive platform. The personalization for your store is on fleek. We were able to set up and start sales in no time." 

- Chaitanya chitta, co-founder of slay coffee

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This review definitely ensures that your choice of building a website with Shopify isn't wrong. but as Shopify is packed with themes. Filtering the best one can be a hideous job, although the filter option can help you pin down some theme.

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Choose the Best Shopify Theme

Are you sure your option is the right one? All Shopify themes come with an exhaustive list of modifications you can make without much coding. Finding the time to get familiar with every theme is never easy—especially when you’re busy building your empire. With that in mind, we’ve compiled 2021's Best Shopify themes, its key features, performance, setup, customization, and adding advanced functionalities.

Venture Shopify Theme

The Venture Shopify theme is one of the first themes developed by Shopify that offers the free price tag and mega menu by default as a good incentive for merchants who are just starting. It is a bold yet minimal theme suitable for high volume stores with large inventories. The features of this theme include an edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and a promotional bar.

In this theme, there are three different styles, catering to different types of eCommerce stores, which are Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing. The layout for these designs on both the desktop and mobile versions are the same. The color palette is the key differentiator.

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If you are someone who wants an image-heavy website, then the Shopify Venture theme is the best call to pick. It has an awesome navigation menu and many places to include secondary photos. Built-in styles and color palettes make it look great on mobile, and it's pretty easy to get your store looking like the Venture Shopify theme examples. It is excellent for mid-sized stores with

More than 50 products
Five or more collections
Large menus

The themes' strategic thoughts of promoting a single product indicate that not every product in the store needs exclusive marketing. Sometimes, we need to address one product collection to take the sales graph high. With this built-in feature of the Venture Shopify theme, you will be able to choose a product that is highlighted in the center of the page. This move is great if you have to promote a single product that you want to dispose of or a new product that you want it to go viral, this will help!

Given that you are in a competitive business, the Shopify Venture theme is a great way to get your store up with a simple theme that has the basics covered for most online stores. Besides, if you want to make specific customizations, you can always avail HulkApps Shopify Theme Setup Packages.

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Shopify theme Venture - Great visuals and neat organization ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. As many E-Commerce retailers have installed, we have heard that it's a hard time getting this theme setup the right way to work well with their Navigation, Collections, and even products uploaded to Shopify. HulkApps offer customization, and the creation of advanced functionality service to help get your store launched quickly.

Prestige Shopify Theme

The Shopify Prestige theme's clam, yet the sophisticated look, will reassure the quality of your brand. It's simple, minimalist fonts give out a reliable impression. In its exquisite blog layout, it's possible to share knowledge about a product, industry, or general information related to the domain to capture your customer's attention and retain them for a longer period. This theme’s spirit is all about simplicity, spaciousness, and elegance.

A prestige theme - Accentuates the design of the products and optimizes to organize the catalog quickly with three unique styles.


As per the Maestrooo design principle for the prestige Shopify theme, Allure style purchasers aren't restricted to just adding 2 buttons in the main slider; the option of adding buttons in each slider is possible. Overall, you can add three sliders and a total of six collection buttons. Whereas, in Couture, you can upload 4 images in sliders and add 2 call-to-action buttons inside sliders.

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The Vogue Prestige Shopify theme is different from the other 2 prestige Shopify themes. The slider on the top of your page also functions well as your menu’s background. The menu is designed to be placed at Top middle. Empowered to use only 3 slider images. It is also possible to move the buttons inside the slider to the middle of the bottom left.

To attract your shoppers and upsell products, the theme lets you add immediately a row of "best-sellers". Each item box can display 2 photos, and the photo changes if there is a mouse-over action on the product. This gives an insight into the product, which aids in building trust among the customers.

The pro point for the Prestige Shopify theme is a well-maintained codebase so that any developer can integrate the functions well. The design, along with component options, makes it easy to build up a modern site without a cookie-cutter look. Additionally, if you want to create and custom functionalities, you can avail the external service provides.

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However, choosing a theme isn’t all that constitutes your success. To make the best buy, you must have the nitty-gritty of themes for Shopify eCommerce stores. Find an enriched resource detailing every fact- theme customization, CMS attributes, or customized header with us. We make it easier to find you an answer to each of your queries with the theme setup.

HulkApps Shopify theme prestige customization allows you to gain a better understanding of Shopify Prestige and its potential to reflect your business objectives.

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Impulse Shopify Theme

One of the allied leading causes of conversion issues for eCommerce stores is a poorly designed and constructed website. Approximately 24% of customers are known to have opted out of shopping with eCommerce retailers citing reasons.

As a merchant, your website is one of the primary places that a customer will interact with your brand. It is no longer satisfactory to have a simple site with a checkout system in place; it has to be the face of your brand. Express your fresh, exciting, enthusiastic thoughts and experience for your customer that they’ll truly enjoy.

Besides, the better your website looks, the more credible it seems. The more credible a website is, the better it will rank on Google.

Designed by Archetype Themes to help Shopify Merchants get started by showcasing custom promotions throughout the Shopify store.

The impulse theme's powerful custom promotional features and minimalist, modern design give you the ability to design a feels good website that helps you sell as effectively as any top brand in the targeted industry.

The theme comes with three preloaded styles (they call them “presets”): Modern, Clean, and Bold. They have a sample preview of the website with each style.

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The Impulse Shopify theme is packed with advanced modules and many more powerful features for an online shopping store. It also provides you all the layered menu, sub-collection, and sidebar filter options. But the boosting of sales comes from the brilliant features for promotions.

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With the Shopify impulse theme, you can add a video presentation that captures your brand imagery. And you are not limited to one video, too. That means you can creatively create an entire product narrative that will help in your customer decision in buying your products.

Using one of the best Shopify Themes- Impulse might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in.

HulkApps, a leading Shopify Expert, frequently works with growing brands looking to customize the Impulse Shopify theme for increasing sales. With a deep understanding of Shopify Impulse Theme, HulkApps has helped several ‘Pre-Shopify Plus’ clients achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations, Store setup, creation of advanced functionality in Impulse Shopify Theme.

Whether you’re planning to switch to Impulse theme Shopify, or looking to optimize your current Shopify Impulse theme, HulkApps can support you with many structured options.

Creating an option that needs an additional cost for customization?

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Product options are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce, and it's impossible to shop for certain products without them. Apparel comes in multiple sizes and colors, the furniture comes in different wood finishes, and bed linens come in different patterns; the list goes on and on. HulkApps Shopify Infinite Product options allow you to attach an add-on product to the option selection so you can add an extra cost to your main product. This way, there’s no return trips where a customer orders something, then sends a request to add extra features to their order, wherein you need to explain the extra cost charges, and the customer has to pay a second time or cancel the order.

Custom Option Types supported:

Drop down, Swatches, Checkbox, Radio Button, File Upload, Email, Phone

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Form Builder:

If you need forms for generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, track page views, and more, Form Builder is for you. Trusted by thousands, this form maker helps you build Unlimited Forms with ease and hassle-free. Embed just one snippet of code and you’ll be up and running in no time. Click here to learn more.

Post Purchase Survey:

Improving the performance and experience of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what's preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site. (even on the order confirmation or thank you page). Click here to learn more.

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Product Reviews:

A feature-rich FREE review app that lets merchants easily import Reviews & Ratings to your store and capture useful information for you and your customers. With the Product Reviews app, you can build trust and increase the conversion rate by showing your happy shoppers. Click here to learn more.

If you face any issue with you Shopify store or migration, you can reach out to HulkApps Support

# HulkApps Migration Support from Magento Enterprise Migration to Shopify
# HulkApps Mobile App Builder
# ReCharge integration

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Pipeline Shopify Theme

The Shopify Pipeline theme's clam, yet the sophisticated look, will reassure the quality of your brand. It's simple, modern minimalist design gives out a reliable impression. It's got clean and uncluttered pages, airy fonts, and a well-organized menu.

Parallax effect, advanced product filter, and modular-style home page options.

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Being an eCommerce merchant, you want to publicize your wares on a website that looks stunning yet requires minimal efforts to execute. Selecting the perfect theme for your store from the Shopify platform is just one step behind before setting up your eCommerce store.

The Pipeline Shopify Theme is a feature-filled theme available in 3 different styles. In its exquisite layout, it's possible to share knowledge about a product, industry, or general information related to the domain to capture your customer's attention and retain them for a longer period. This theme’s spirit is all about simplicity, spaciousness, and elegance.

Besides the standard features of a Shopify theme, it consists of advanced ones. A Shopify pipeline theme accentuates and optimizes the design of the products and organizes quickly.

Auditing the Pipeline Shopify theme from Group Thought shows that it is ranked #30 for speed among other Shopify Themes. Therein, your audience will get a fast loading experience with your website but, you can enhance the store setup with our Pipeline customization package service for advanced functionality setup.

Boundless Shopify Theme

If you’re an eCommerce store owner, there’s no doubt that you are aware that theme designing with multiple personas, designing the UI, UX experience, coding, testing, is quite complex and time-consuming.

Building an eCommerce website shouldn’t require an advanced developer. Inventors and entrepreneurs typically don’t have to know-how to construct an online store from scratch.

With the Shopify themes, you can remodel designs and content while also adding your products. These themes are key to cut short on the design time, so that’s why we want to outline the best Shopify theme - boundless.

Not only is the boundless theme Shopify going to keep costs low, but you’ll be able to construct a beautiful, modern, and professional site. A Shopify theme is a "safe and saves" way to go.

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The Shopify boundless theme is completely responsive to mobile shopping, and you get to add-on multiple numbers of apps to improve the functionality of your Shopify website. What’s great is that the apps integrate seamlessly with the boundless Shopify theme. So, for instance, a Free Trust Badge Master would combine nicely with the boundless theme we talk.

Minimal UI, Photography -first, are your keywords for the theme of your Shopify store? This impressive theme ticks that box!

Boundless Shopify theme is a minimalist design theme, suitable for photography with minimal UI. The boundless theme is a perfect mobile-first choice for stores with medium to large inventories(Product catalogs).

Your high-quality product pictures will help create a memorable impression of your shop among the site visitors. The Shopify boundless theme features two styles that you can choose.

Black & White and Vibrant.

Shopify - image

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Shopify - image

The Boundless Shopify theme is the perfect pick for store owners who must have great visuals to improve their conversion. It allows Shopify store merchants to upload quality pictures, which are important for their success.
With this theme in your checkout, you can easily check the option of "Easy navigation" with sticky navigation, as no user likes to struggle to look for essential functions on your web page. Your customers want a smooth customer journey.

The Boundless Shopify theme helps ease the search experience of a product. It maintains the menu, even as users scroll down, switch pages. With so many features packed in, you can take your business to new heights.

In case you want advanced customization, don't struggle out or wait through forums, you know HulkApps service are always eager to hear you out.

HulkApp Shopify experts won't pressurize you into buying anything, we will just ensure you have got all the business necessities covered only if you say YES!.

That said,

Stop missing out on a potential opportunity, you're actively losing money. HulkApps theme support helps you get that sales and revenue as efficiently as possible, and the process can be heard by contacting HulkApps Support.

Raise a Ticket (@ Free Cost) = Increase your conversion rate.

HulkApps Shopify Pipeline theme support gives you a

Dedicated Shopify Developer
Speed assurance
A customized header
Custom CMS
Custom sections
2 round iteration & feedback

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Reasons to opt-in for the HulkApps Shopify theme support for customization?

Mobile compatible theme
No hidden charges
Complete fresh design
Expedient check-ups

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