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10 Free trust badges for Shopify

Trust Badges in Shopify

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Abandoned shopping carts are one of the greatest issues in ecommerce; even the most successful businesses today are not immune. It's not uncommon for shoppers to abandon shopping carts because they lack confidence in the website's security measures. How can I improve my conversion rate? What are the best trust badges to choose from? This guide will assist you in finding the ideal trust badges for your business.

Why rely on Trust Badges?  

Many shoppers actively search for trust badges to guarantee the stores are secure. This is a way for them to feel safe once in your store, giving them a sense of relief. They are usually placed at the checkout of your pages to let customers know that your website is legitimate and any data they share with you will be collected securely. It can also depend on the type of badge you're seeking, which can determine which page the badge will appear on.

There are many choices available to keep your customers satisfied and safe. After implementing trust badges, most shops report a 50% to 60% increase in conversion rates. 

For smaller businesses, trust badges are essential. A lack of trust and security will cause customers to leave. Using them will raise your profile, increase your credibility, and make your website appear more trustworthy and credible. 

You’ve likely encountered trust badges when browsing the internet. Here are some of the most popular trust badges: 

The importance of building trust with your customers

Before discussing the various Shopify trust badges, it is essential to understand why establishing trust is necessary. 

For a business to thrive and generate revenue, it relies on the company's customers. There is no business without them, and a lack of revenue means it won't succeed or accomplish its intended goal.

Establishing trust with your customers is the first step in reversing the scenario described above. 

Trust is not easily given, and you need to earn it. When money is involved, there is a barrier you need to break to achieve your main goal. 

Selecting the top five payment and Trust Badges for your Shopify store

Using the badges below, you’ll be able to find the right one for your store. Each one has a special significance and function. Don’t forget to check them all out! 

  • SSL Badges 
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification signifies that your checkout procedure can be trusted, encrypted data, and customers' credit card information is safe and secure.

    It would be best to display sale checkout badges near your “Add to Cart” buttons and on your checkout page.

  • Site Security Badges 
  • The homepage is the ideal location for your secure payment badge. TrustLock is an excellent example of a company that creates trust seals for businesses. 

    A little, unnoticeable badge at the bottom left of the screen serves as a gentle reminder to users that their personal data is safe with us.

  • Free shipping 
  • Many companies use free shipping to encourage customers to go through the checkout, which will help reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can tell your customers that you offer free delivery, but why not demonstrate it to them with a reliable sign? 

    Here is an excellent example of a Shopify Trust Badge or secure payment badge for free shipping.

    With this trust seal in place, your clients will be more eager to complete their purchase.

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • With these badges, customers will no longer be afraid to make online transactions. Giving customers a refund guarantee is an excellent method to entice them to buy. Customers always need to be more concerned about this topic. However, providing a badge stating that it is refundable will help. 

    Money-back guarantees typically last between 3 to 7 days. However, depending on your credit card company, it can take longer than the days mentioned.

  •  Accepted Payment 
  • Customers feel more confident when they see a well-known brand name. Accepted payment badges serve this purpose quite well. These trusted badges have one goal, and that is to make your customers know they are not going to be scammed. 

    Having a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Paypal will give customers the confidence they are looking for, so they can proceed to "Payment Accepted."

    However, showing your audience that you accept payment methods that are commonly used and trusted can offer them the tiny boost of confidence they need to purchase from you.

    Before choosing a Shopify payment or Trust Badge, consider these tips

    When selecting trust badge icons, one should consider the following suggestions to avoid giving the impression that they are making a false promise.  

    Here are a few of them listed below:

    Utilize security company-recognized trust badges

    As trust badges are associated with higher levels of security, online shoppers will be more inclined to make purchases from sites that show them.

    Using a security badge from one of the leading security companies is a good idea for large businesses.

    Showing off customer feedback via trust badges

    Using social proof allows customers to see the previous feedback on your site and your business. 

    Today, it is becoming increasingly important to collect genuine client feedback. Because so many people will read the comments to determine the quality of a product before purchasing it. 

    Become a Google-certified Shop

    Becoming Google-certified will increase the reliability of your clientele. Most users today utilize Google and need a more streamlined purchasing experience. To demonstrate your capabilities, you must become a Google-certified store.    

    Users hold Google in high regard and take its word for it. You will do much better if you supply your customers with this information.  

    Consider making your own trust badges

    Using custom payment badges is a great way to build trust and friendship with your visitors, and this will demonstrate your commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

    It is necessary to consult with other businesses in your industry, and you should also exchange trust badges. 

    How would you add the Trust Badges to your Shopify store using the free Trust Badge Master? 

    Using the Free Trust Badge Master app by HulkApps, you can display visual indicators that reassure customers that the store in question is legitimate, secure, and reliable. You may alter the appearance of your Shopify store by adding attractive and practical payment badges and trust icons.

    The badges work for any theme and have easy-to-recognize symbols to choose from. They can be shipped anywhere in the world, and the best prices are always guaranteed. The badges work immediately with 90% of the best-selling top 50 themes.

    We want to get you going as soon as possible! So, we’ve put together a setup guide to help you. It’s that easy to set up.

    Step 1:

    Choose the trust and secure payment badges you want to show on your product page or anywhere else on your site.

    You can upload a custom icon of your choice or get your own custom trust badges or payment trust badges designed by our experts.

    In that case, you can consider an individual Shopify service, "Add Custom Trust Badges," offered by HulkApps, and save some extra pennies.

    Step 2:

    Before you can move on, you need to turn on the badge. Click the "Active" radio button and then click "Manage badges" to choose which badges you want to show. 

    Step 3:

    Scroll down the page to the bottom, copy the "div class code," and click "Save."

    Step 4:

    Access the theme's coding and search for the "product. liquid" or "product- template. liquid" file.

    Step 5:

    Paste the copied code into the file wherever you wish to display the payment badges, then save the file.

    Here is an example of how the product page will appear once the code has been placed.

    Start rolling out the sales!

    So you're all set to speed on all the incredible benefits of the Free Trust Badge Master. Try it in your store, and see what works best for you.

    Need more apps? Check out our full catalog within the Shopify app store.

    Aside from that, our Shopify expert may assist you in setting up the trust and payment badges for your Shopify store if you purchase our "Add buttons & badges" service and need some help.

    Place the badges right in your Shopify store

    All in all, companies are using trust seals to make an incredible impression on potential clients. However, placing your badge close to the important fields is of utmost importance to reassure your customers and make them feel comfortable entering their sensitive information.

    The following areas of your website are frequent places to display trust badges:

    In the header

    A trust seal can be set in the headline of a landing page, where it is immediately visible to potential clients. Here, it can be set near significant items next to the phone number.

    Near a form

    Trusted logos can be placed beneath the lead capture form to remind customers that legitimate and well-known companies approve your website's services.

    Cart Page

    Adding the payment badges or trust badge icons on the cart page of your Shopify store will help you induce your customers and bring them to step closure to your checkout page.


    You can embed the payment badges into the footer as a subtle reminder of your business's legitimacy.


    Trust badges are an important element in establishing trust in your ecommerce store, and they will make your clients feel secure during the checkout process, increasing sales.

    If that wasn't amazing enough, it would help boost customer satisfaction and encourage them to return to your store for future purchases. The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will tell their friends and family about your store.

    If you're interested in learning more about building trust and confidence among your Shopify site visitors, here are a few valuable resources you may want to consult:

    The Ultimate Guide to Trust Badges in Shopify

    Trust Badges: Where & How to Place in Your Shopify Store?

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