HulkApps Product Reviews vs AliExpress Reviews App

Shopify Product Reviews App is perfect for your eCommerce store you must employ to add regular detailed product reviews and earn customer trust. HulkApps Free Product Reviews with Photo keeps every buyer well informed of how your product best fits their needs. Get your customers an opportunity to know more about your brand and product through robust reviews. Keep comparing for a better user experience.

How is HulkApps Free Product Reviews with Photo App performing better than Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews App

We simplify the process of analyzing the performances of both these apps for your Shopify stores. We have represented it in a tabular format so you don't waste much time while differentiating to know which one is better for your objectives so that you can make the right decision for your business.

Compare HulkApps Free Product Reviews with Photo App with Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews App to benefit from their features.

HulkApps Form Builder Apps vs powr

HulkApps Free Product Review with Photo app

Star 4.4 ( 114 Reviews)

Free Unlimited

HulkApps Free Product Review with Photo is a social proof template best designed for saving on marketing campaigns and giving good feedback to your customers. Bundled with a rich snippet, you can make your pages look more informative and productive..Read more

Features Free
Reviews per poduct Unlimited
Text reviews checked
Rating checked
Photo reviews checked
Reviews quota Unlimited
Orders quota Unlimited
"All Reviews" page checked
Image auto-resize checked
Layouts (4) checked
Custom fields &attributes (5) checked
Image Auto-rotate checked
Reviews Approval checked
Pagination checked
Custom Styling checked
Reviews Notifications checked
Multi Recipient Support checked
Quick Search checked
Advanced Features Free
Bulk Import & Export with CSV files checked
Q&A unchecked
Reviews widget unchecked
Review request emails unchecked
Coupons unchecked
Email for Product Upsells unchecked
Checkout reviews unchecked
Apps/Messenger integration unchecked
Review popup unchecked
Widget CSS Editor unchecked
API Access unchecked
Queue listing unchecked
UGC Conversions Tracking unchecked
Clicks Tracking unchecked
Social sharing unchecked
Inline SEO checked
Rich snippets checked
Instagram Curation unchecked
Google Shopping reviews unchecked
Support Free
Basic Support checked
Migration Support checked
Premium support checked

Follow the instructions guide to add a review widget to your storefront.

Yes, that can be done. The app provides you with 3 types of layout to display the reviews on your product pages:

  • List
  • Grid
  • Carousel

By default, the layout is set as a List. You can update the layout as per your requirement.

The app allows you to add an ‘n’ number of recipients. Simply follow the below steps to add multiple recipients.

Yes, for using the app, you need to place a few snippet codes in your templates. Please follow the Installation Guide for placing the code in your templates.


Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews App

Star 4.6 (3268 Reviews)

9.9/mo | 19.9/mo | 49.9/mo 7-days

Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews App brings to you three plans- Starter, Essential, Premium packages. All packages allow you to import reviews from AliExpress in CSV files. Well, the other two plans have more added features and functionality for every Shopify merchant looking to best capitalize on the product review capabilities...Read more

Features 9.9/mo 29.99/mo 59.99/mo
Reviews per poduct checked checked checked
Text reviews checked checked checked
Rating checked checked checked
Photo reviews checked checked checked
Reviews quota checked checked checked
Orders quota checked checked checked
"All Reviews" page checked checked checked
Image auto-resize unchecked unchecked unchecked
Layouts (4) unchecked unchecked unchecked
Custom fields &attributes (5) checked checked checked
Image Auto-rotate unchecked unchecked unchecked
Reviews Approval checked checked checked
Pagination 20 Review / page
Custom Styling checked checked checked
Reviews Notifications unchecked unchecked unchecked
Multi Recipient Support checked checked checked
Quick Search checked checked checked
Advanced Features 9.9/mo 29.99/mo 59.99/mo
Bulk Import & Export with CSV files checked checked checked
Q&A checked checked checked
Reviews widget checked checked checked
Review request emails checked checked checked
Coupons checked checked checked
Email for Product Upsells checked checked checked
Checkout reviews checked checked checked
Apps/Messenger integration checked checked checked
Review popup unchecked checked checked
Widget CSS Editor checked checked checked
API Access checked checked checked
Queue listing Coming Soon
UGC Conversions Tracking checked checked checked
Clicks Tracking checked checked checked
Social sharing checked checked checked
Inline SEO checked checked checked
Rich snippets checked checked checked
Instagram Curation checked checked checked
Google Shopping reviews checked checked checked
Support 9.9/mo 29.99/mo 59.99/mo
Basic Support checked checked checked
Migration Support checked checked checked
Premium support unchecked unchecked unchecked

Please follow these instructions to import reviews from the CSV files.

Follow these instructions to update your product rules to auto-update the reviews.

To find the correct Country Code, you can follow the below steps to check directly..

At present due to security issues, we don't permit connecting picture(s) or potentially picture links for reviews in CSV documents.


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