Order Status Tracker vs Vertex LV App

The eCommerce sellers need efficient and effective warehousing that serves in the smooth movement of products within the system, which is a deceive factor when it comes to serving customers. Is warehouse management challenging? Well – not anymore.

Drive more traffic, engage your customer, build trust, creating an Order status Tracker, and more on the website without hindering your website performance. You can implement everything easily with our dedicated apps installed inside the store.

Understanding the Shopify, e-commerce platform, and partnering with them, we bring in the comparative analysis of HulkApps Shopify Order Status Tracker vs other best comparative Apps.

HulkApps Order Status Tracker app vs Vertex LV Trackr Order Tracking

Too many choices can be confusing and time-consuming. Selecting the best app for the desired functionality requires a bit of research. To ease the phase of selection, HulkApps, Shopify Partner, brings in the comparative analysis between HulkApps Shopify Custom Order Status Tracker vs AfterShip + Vertex LV Trackr Order Tracking.

HulkApps Master Motivator

HulkApps Order Status Tracker app

Star 4.6 ( 72 Reviews)

Free | $24.99/mo | $74.99/mo | $ 199/mo Unlimited

HulkApps Shopify Custom Order Status tracker helps you collaborate, manage, and report the status of the customer order in real-time by automating your workflow. It is more than a status tracker, its the end-to-end post order execution application with the proven power to help merchants get the statistical report of the orders easily, custom the order status tracker layout, and facilitate customers to search their order status. Our objective is to serve both kinds of sellers, those who sell in large, and the ones who sell in a smaller volume because we do not want to differentiate. Pay only if your store orders > 100 or else FREE. The main strategy of our app is to automate the process without creating any extra work for merchants, put less onus on your customer support team without compromising quality, allowing you to focus on the other methods of improving the customer experience. Read more

Features Free $24.99/mo $74.99/mo $199/mo
Orders/shipments quota 25/mo 500/mo 2500/mo Unlimited
Shipment Charges unchecked unchecked unchecked unchecked
Carriers access 80+ 80+ 80+ 80+
Form customization checked checked checked checked
Custom Order Status checked checked checked checked
Tracking page checked checked checked checked
Track button checked checked checked checked
Email notifications checked checked checked checked
New Courier Support checked checked checked checked
Advance Features Free $24.99/mo $74.99/mo $199/mo
Google maps integration checked checked checked checked
Auto-update shipments unchecked unchecked unchecked unchecked
Tracking Statistics checked checked checked checked
Customisable map styles checked checked checked checked
Translation of tracking data unchecked unchecked unchecked unchecked
Support Free $24.99/mo $74.99/mo $199/mo
Customer support standard checked checked checked checked
Customer support premium checked checked checked checked

No, right now this feature is not supported by the app. Soon, we’re going to add this feature in the pro version as many of our merchants have requested.

These are required input's that can be set for your customers to track the order is as follows:

  • Email Address and Order Number
  • Only Email Address
  • Only Order Number


Yes, the maps can be hidden from the tracking result page. Navigate to 'Result Page' settings from the header menu and uncheck the checkbox option 'Display map' to hide the maps.

The orders placed in your store are tracked with the help of Shipment id that you enter in the order while marking it as fulfilled. Please make sure that the order you are trying to track is marked as fulfilled and has a shipping id added to it.

Vertex LV  Trackr Order Tracking

Vertex LV Trackr Order Tracking

Star 4.2 ( 172 Reviews)

$4/mo | $9/mo 15 days

Trackr Order Tracking saves your time from lots of questions about package location. Your store customers will be notified after each delivery status update. It is smoothly embedded into any of your Shopify stores. You can adjust the colors or styles to match the template design. The app saves a lot of time and prevents order-generated anxiety because it is designed to gather data from different carriers to provide the customers with the most current detailed information about their order. Automated email updates are sent whenever the status of the order switches, so every customer does not need to monitor their order delivery state every time at the store. Tracking info translation service into the selected language: English, French, or Spanish. Integrates with ePacket China EMS, FedEx, Royal Mail, and others. Read more

Features $4/mo $9/mo
Orders/shipments quota 200-400 2800
Shipment Charges 0.02 0.02
Carriers access 900 900
Form customization checked checked
Custom Order Status checked checked
Tracking page checked checked
Track button checked checked
Email notifications checked checked
New Courier Support unchecked unchecked
Advance Fetaures $4/mo $9/mo
Google maps integration unchecked unchecked
Auto-update shipments checked checked
Tracking Statistics checked checked
Customisable map styles unchecked unchecked
Translation of tracking data checked checked
Support $4/mo $9/mo
Customer support standard checked checked
Customer support premium unchecked unchecked

The app will not show tracking information about shipments that were delivered before the app was installed. All shipments which are in transit during the installation are registered by the app and tracking information will be displayed.

Trackr app allows changing the color of the Track My Order button only. Additional edits can be arranged by contacting our support team here.

Follow these steps to link Trackr with your menu:

  1. Click a button “Add Menu Item” from the Trackr app settings page;
  2. Select the menu you wish to add the Trackr page too;
  3. Click Add Menu Item link
  4. Give menu item a name;
  5. Type /apps/track order in the link field.
The option showing this link will pop up. Just select it and click Add.


You can edit the tracking page link path from the app's details pop up window. Please, follow these steps:

  1. select Apps section from your Shopify dashboard;
  2. find the Trackr app and click a link View details on a right;
  3. select your preferred option from a drop-down menu. You can use apps, a community, and tools for your link path;
  4. enter your preferred name in the text field on the right.





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