This year has been a very exciting one for the HulkApps.

Despite the globally challenging situations we have been faced with, we are proud to say that our team has outdone themselves. We have accomplished so many of our milestones, goals, and achievements and by so we have most certainly contributed to the improvement of our future as well as the future of commerce.

HulkApps has concluded this past year with incredible results -  stacking up an amazing 201,304 app download and thus keeping up with its growth rate throughout the years.

“Despite the pandemic still influencing many of our aspects of daily life as well as our business decisions, we are extremely proud of the tremendous achievements our company has completed this year. We can only say that we are greatly thankful for our dedicated team of experts who have put in a major strive in improving our services in order to provide only the best for our merchants and their customers. One of our main goals for the upcoming year is to continue investing and making sure we are unparalleled when it comes to providing for our merchants, therefore, creating an unforgettable shopping experience for the end consumers.”


Having committed partners in today’s business process is more important than ever. In the past year, HulkApps has provided its services to over 3500 Shopify merchants, some of them including Battlbox, Dr. Squatch, Crabtree & Evelyn, and more. Our fantastic team of experts has completed over 136.018 hours of dedicated hard work. A crown to our past year’s endeavors has also been the PageFly’s award for the best Shopify partner of the year.

“These massive results would have been impossible without the dedication of our experts, who have permanently imprinted parts of their skills and knowledge into our company work.”

Due to the changed circumstances in our society which have influenced many shifts in all of the industry branches, as well as ours, we can proudly say that we have continued with putting in great efforts in caring for our employees, providing them with the best work environment, as well as focusing on the enhancing their skills through numerous classes and seminars.

Our Most Downloaded Apps

HullkApps currently has over 180 employees spread out in the 3 main company offices located in the USA, India, and our latest addition to the team, office branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This past year has been marked by our many successfully completed tasks and launched projects. With great pride, we can say that we have stepped up our game and worked with some of the world’s biggest e-commerce merchants including Battlbox, Dr. Squatch, Crabtree & Evelyn, and many others.

The spotlight in the past year has also been on many of our Apps, however, we would like to point out our most downloaded app in the past year: Hulk Product Options.

“It is always rewarding when our efforts are recognized and appreciated by our clients. A large number of downloads and content merchants are the pushing power for us to grow more, explore and upgrade in order to provide only the best on the market.”

An additionally big stepping stone in the past year was an opening of a new branch for our company. With our growing business and the need to open new workplaces, we have built new office space for 40 new employees in the mesmerizing and historically rich capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are looking forward to the new great things we are going to achieve this year, with our new, more powerful team of Shopify experts.

Despite the uncertainties that the new year is bringing to the table for our business as well as the society in general, we are confident that with the support of our team members, trusted partners, and our wonderful merchants we will continue to grow, improve and give back to the society in the greatest ways possible, so feel free to look forward to more great news coming from our company in the upcoming months.