This got to be amazing! Yesterday i.e on August 28, 2019, HulkApps received a surprise email from the apps team of Shopify. We got to know that one of our apps got an opportunity to get featured on the homepage of Shopify in the Staff Pick section. Isn’t it cool? 😍

As per the email, the Order Status Tracker app is nominated by one of the staff members in the app team of Shopify. It’s overwhelming for our team because the app just got into the store a week ago & it got nominated. Kudos 🙌 to the hard work of our HulkApps team!

As per the email, we can expect to have the app under the Staff pick section from September 4th, 2019 at 9 am EST. We’re so excited!

Our sole motto after this article is not just announcing our app success but we also want to put together the parameters on which Shopify decides on featuring an app to their Homepage or app store.

But, before getting into the parameters, let us first see what all benefits the Shopify partners receive if their apps get featured in the Shopify app store. Let’s have a look.

  • If Shopify selects your app to be featured, then merchants can more easily discover and install it. The homepage of the Shopify App Store gets over 250,000 page views per week, which gives the featured apps a lot of visibility.
  • Getting featured is a highly coveted and valuable opportunity to acquire new customers.

What it takes to get featured in the Shopify app store:

For your app to be considered for the Staff Picks section, it should follow the Shopify App Store requirements and offer excellent customer support. The app's featured banner must also meet the banner image requirements.

After Effects!

If your app is featured in the Shopify app store, then it can see an increased number of installs. 

To make sure merchants always have a consistent experience when downloading and utilizing your app, perform a load test before your feature date to check in case your app can handle the incoming traffic.

You might also see an increase in a support request, so you should make sure that you're prepared to handle the new support traffic.

Please take note!

Shopify also says, Though your app has got all the features & follow the Shopify requirements, it may fail to get picked as the featured app by the team. 

Nevertheless, we should keep up providing the best solution for the Shopify merchants with the best in all support.