VERSION 1.0  Type
Duplicating Form New feature
Rename Form New feature

Option to provide email address to the user on "From" field in auto response email


"Reply to" emails received with user's email address for quick reply. Improvement
Resolved Scroll to Top issue Bug fix
Allowed inserting link to form Title, Description and Auto-Response Message New feature
Set label fonts to entire form Improvement
Allow image in Form Description and Auto Response email using URL New feature
Fixed image inserting problems Bug fix
Changed the form loader display message. New feature
Changed the form submit display message. Improvement
Fixed full-width CSS issue on form display Bug fix
Upgraded Export to Excel functionality Improvement


 VERSION 1.1 - Pro Type
Save as Draft feature introduced New feature
Included mail service integration functionality (Mailchimp / Klaviyo) New feature
Form builder API for displaying form in Shopify mobile app New feature
Create Shopify Customer on form submission New feature
Create a copy of form Modification
Customize form messages option created New feature
One email per submission enabled Improvement
Send form responses to users in email Improvement
Added free form templates Improvement
Added placeholder message box for input fields Improvement
Information message object added below all form elements Improvement
Advance CSS/JS as a Pro feature Modification
Google analytics code field for pageview New feature
Blocked usage of special characters like apostrophe ( ' ) &  quotation marks ( "  ) in any element name and value Bug fix
Payments accepted using Stripe New feature
If email field is populated, the reply-to address in admin notificaton email will fetch the email address even without auto responder tick Improvement
Introduced new element - (Address, HTML block and hidden field) New feature