Very soon, HulkApps will update Product Options Pro with new features and major improvements:

Here's everything you need to know:

  1. Attention! Conditional logic feature will be accessible to Pro users only. All current users are requested to upgrade their plan for making additional changes to their existing logic.
  2. New! Take full control over inventory, by adding your variant as another option.
  3. New! Offer Cart editing facility to your customers.
  4. New! Bulk Import / Export feature will be accessible to Pro users only.
  5. Improved! Export Shopify orders with complete details about your option charges..
  6. Improved! Added error validation for field types like Phone Number, Email
  7. Improved! Restrict customers to select values within the specified ceiling.
  8. Improved! Display help-text (optional) for your options.
  9. Resolved! Reward your customers with discounts irrespective of options, which was not possible earlier.
  10. Resolved! Take full control over inventory, by adding your variant as another option.

Now's a great time to make Product Options Pro the home for all your discounts and offers. READY TO INSTALL?

With the new updates, and new pro features, Product Options Pro is the most advanced Shopify app ever.

What's changing?

We are ready (almost) to launch our Pro Version of the Product Options app. Before we go live, we have an important announcement to make: Conditional logic settings are no longer going to be a part of the free plan and we are going to include conditional logic as well as a bunch of other premium features in a monthly billing cycle moving forward. Starting 31/12/18, existing users will not be able to add new conditional logic settings for free version of the app. However, users may opt to upgrade your plan and avail full body of features of the app.

Next steps

Since it is a new change and we do not want to upset the existing users: We will not charge anything for the conditional logic which has been saved upto now. But users will be asked to upgrade in case they decide to make changes to existing conditional logic in the future.