HulkApps lets you:

  • Create Unlimited Options for your product listing Allow customers to personalize your offering by Uploading image/file Save time by creating Option Sets and bulk-assign them to group of products Charge different amount for different variants by uploading image swatches or color swatches in your listing Adjust the design of your option box according to your theme, and if you need more customization, you can add your custom codes using Advanced JS and CSS.
  • Allow customers to adjust options even in cart page Set appropriate Actions based on option selection with Conditional Logic feature.
  • (Coming soon!) Manage inventory by making your option to function as a variant and adjust your stocks accordingly. Pro Feature Upgrade
  • (Coming soon!) Offer cart editing facility to your customers. Pro Feature Upgrade
  • (Coming soon!) List down all options and quickly start Importing / Exporting them in your app. Pro Feature Upgrade
  • Use tooltip to explain about the options you decide to have in your listing.

Starting from 20th November, we will be introducing a Pro version of Product Options app which will have premium features for a small fee of $10/ mo. A trial period of 6-days is available. All our apps are Partner-friendly for development stores.

  • Our FREE Plan will include the following features:
    • - Unlimited Options
    • - Unlimited File Uploads
    • - Unlimited Option sets
    • - Batch Apply
    • - Adjustable Prices
    • - Full Design Customization
    • - All Option Types (including swatch)
  • Our PRO Plan will include the following features apart from the above-listed features:
    • - Conditional Logic
    • - Unlimited File Uploads
    • - Conditional Logic
    • - Inventory management
    • - Bulk Import/Export Options

Yes. With Product Options app there will be updates to your cart and product pages, so we recommend you to add a few snippets manually because each theme has unique codes and we don’t want to risk messing up the codes for such important pages. If you are not comfortable with updating the code yourself, you can contact us for free installation assistance.

Most features in our Product Options app is free to use except for some new additions to our app, for which a small fee of $10/month is chargeable. Our Pro features are available on a 6-Day Trial. For test store users, we have also kept our app Partner Friendly.

You can use any product option type endlessly. Not just that, even image and color swatches option type is forever free in our app. You can fully customize design without paying anything extra.

We have not charged anyone extra fees for installing, sometimes even customizing the app to help our merchants.

If you are using other Options app, it will conflict both app codes, and therefore, we strongly recommend you to uninstall the existing app and remove any traces of code snippets from your liquid files. Even if you are trying out our app and are not fully convinced to continue using our app, we insist you to give our app a fair chance. In case we are not able to match your expectations, we will help you uninstall our app completely so that you re-install and continue using the other app.

With our upcoming app update, we have resolved a major fallback about our app where the product main image was not changing when a swatch was selected. Thank you if you were among those who have requested this change.

Yes, you can bulk-apply options to thousands of products at one time. You can also apply option sets to a product or a group such as a collection, a product type, a brand, a tag, or a smart collection.

You can preview the options on the products where you assigned the options. There is no code to be added to get the options live.

We use Draft Order API to create a custom Checkout for products with options and there are many values which Shopify passes, which we are unable to manage right now. But, here’s a silver lining: If you don’t necessarily need any price adjustment with options then your Back to Cart button will appear on your cart page.

If you require price adjustment on options, then Discount Code box at Checkout won’t work since we create a custom checkout for products with our apps. But this will not be a permanent issue. We are working on resolving this issue on our future releases.

Unfortunately, this option will get disabled since we create custom Checkout.

We deeply regret you leaving us, but since this app requires manually adding code at certain places to complete installation, those codes from a few files will not vanish from the theme liquid files automatically. Instead of uninstalling our app directly, we request you to follow the below process for complete uninstallation:

  1. Remove live theme integration with the app
    • Under “Help” select Theme Integration
    • Click the applicable theme, select Remove
  2. Remove manual codes from your liquid files


    • From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store
    • Select Actions
    • Select Edit code


    • Under “Layout” select theme.liquid
    • Remove this code: {% include 'hulkcode_common' %}


    • Under “Templates” select product.liquid

    Note:If your template contains sections, you will need to select the product-template.liquid section instead.

    • Remove this code: {% include 'hulkcode_options' %}


    • Delete the below asset form your files:
      • - Hulkcode.js


    • Delete the following snippets from your files if still present:
      • - Hulkcode_options.liquid
      • - Hulkcode_common.liquid


    • Under “Templates” select cart.liquid

    Note:If your template contains sections, you will need to select the product-template.liquid section instead.


    • Find the following code:
          <span class=“hulkapps-cart-item-price” data-key=“{{item.key}}”>
          {{ item.price | money }}

    Replace the above code with this code: {{ item.price | money }}


    Find the following code:

          <span class=“hulkapps-cart-item-line-price” data-key=“{{item.key}}”>
          {{ item.line_price | money }}

    Replace the above code with this code: {{ item.line_price | money }}


    Find the following code:

          <span class=“hulkapps-cart-original-total” data-key=“{{item.key}}”>
          {{ cart.total_price | money }}

    Replace the above code with this code: {{ cart.total_price | money }}

    In case you find any difficulties, we are ready to help you out. Contact us

In case, you are using Ajax cart on your theme, we request you to disable the ajax cart functionality and retry. Your price adjustment should now display correctly.

Please disable Ajax cart in order to make your file uploads visible.

You can use any of these option types an endless number of times for free.

  • Drop-down menu
  • Multiple drop-down menus
  • Swatches
  • File/Image upload
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Multiple-select checkboxes
  • Single text entry
  • Paragraph text entry

Yes, it is safe to import/export products with the options active. Options will not appear on the Shopify products in the CSV file export.

Currently, we don’t have this facility. You can upgrade to Pro version, to enable options export. Pro Feature Upgrade

Additionally, if you also want to export line item properties in the Orders CSV export, we request you to install another app in the Shopify App Store, called Xporter which sounds like it can export the line item properties into a spreadsheet.

Option Display Name is the name which appears on the store’s front-end.

Option Unique Name is for admin to identify the option while assigning it to a product group. This name should not be repeated.

Actually, that's a brilliant question! Unfortunately, a new product will not automatically get associated with the existing options unless you click the button “Product Sync” . This will sync your new product to the group you assign the option to. However, if you assign an existing product to a group, you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can assign multiple options to a single or a group of products and club it all under one roof “Option Set”. You can duplicate the Option set with some new option additions and directly assign it to another group of products. You can only have one option-set per product.

You can use our Pro Feature - Conditions, under Options Settings, in order to hide/show an option. You can create multiple versions of the option with different price sets, then use conditions to hide them initially and then show one of those options based on the selection of the prior option.

Note: Starting 31/11/1, we are moving the Conditional Logic feature from Free to Pro plan. Existing users are requested to upgrade their plan in order to make aditional changes to their logic.

Yes, we offer an easy way to duplicate conditions, options, and option sets so you can quickly create multiple versions with different price sets.

Honestly, we haven’t placed any limit or threshold for file uploads. From our tests, and user feedback, the maximum file size you can upload to Shopify appears to be 10 MB per upload. The maximum image dimensions that can be uploaded is 2048 x 2048 pixels.

All images or files will reside on Shopify's servers. A link is automatically generated to the file location. A downloadable link will appear in the cart and the email confirmations.

Swatches are available in our free plan. Link

Not just that, you can also pick from square or round swatch option layouts. Link

If you’d like to display negative values in an option, you may use jQuery in Advanced JS

block in order to achieve this. Link

Please contact us if you need assistance with advance coding.

You can add unlimited options with Product Options and it won’t increase your Shopify Variants. Basically, when an option gets added using this app, they sit under “Product Properties” which get linked to your products bought on Orders.

If you offer subscriptions on your products with Product Options, we request you to install another app in the Shopify App Store, called Product Options by Bold which sounds like it’s version 2.0 is compatible with Recurring Orders.

Default Shopify free themes work smoothly with Product Options app.

Here are a few apps we have determined that are incompatible with our app:

  • Any Currency Converter app, because our app is only compatible with single currency.
  • Any other Product Options app, because the codes in cart template clash with each other. Common apps that have created issues in the past are :
    • Bold Product Options
    • Product Options and Customizerby SolverCircle
    • Product Options and Customizerby ShopStorm
    • Custom Product Options by W3trends Inc.