Adding "Discount Box" coding in the Cart page.

• Navigate to “Product Options” app dashboard and look for the “General Settings” option available in the “Settings” dropdown option.

• Check the “Enable Discount Code Box” option and copy the code displayed below and click on ‘Save’ button.

• Navigate to your theme coding by clicking on the “edit code” option available under “Actions” dropdown.

• Search for the “cart.liquid” / “cart-template.liquid” file in your theme coding.

NOTE: If “cart-template.liquid” file is available then please make the changes in “cart-template.liquid” file only as all the coding of “cart.liquid” will be included in this file.

• Place the copied code wherever you need the “Discount Code Box” to be displayed.(In this example, the code is placed just above the end form tag. </form>)

In case you face any issues, you can always reach us. Our friendly support team is available via email to help you at any time you need them, 24/7.