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The Kitchen Center manufactures a variety of cabinetry that's not restricted only to kitchens. They specialize in various cabinetry and joinery items and can design spaces for new houses or help you with renovations in your current home.

Kitchen Center


Kitchen Center is a firm fan of customization, so they employed personalized product suggestions from HulkApps across several web pages, as well as seasonal pop-ups. The Kitchen Center's ecommerce team wanted to guarantee that any design plan was carefully A/B tested and optimized since the firm is continually seeking ways to adapt and provide the greatest customer experience.

Historically, though, the team had been prevented from conducting as much testing as they would have liked. Most A/B testing platforms were either too complicated to install, needed programming labor, or were not explicitly created for the needs of ecommerce marketers. Furthermore, the team was concerned about testing versions of several methodologies that were overly exposed to revenue risk.



a. Easy deployment of high impact tests

When the Kitchen Center team was first introduced to HulkApps' new A / B Testing and Optimization service, they knew the first thing they wanted to test was a different strategy on some of their most-trafficked category pages. They opted to compare the status quo experience against bespoke suggestions based on brand and product affinity.

The revised suggestion method resulted in a 15% improvement in conversion rate and an 8% increase in income per visitor. Such crucial and relevant data, along with the fact that the test was so simple to put up, prompted the team to begin planning for other tests right away.


b. Testing while minimizing the risk of revenue loss

Once statistical significance is demonstrated, HulkApps' continuous optimization service, which shifts more traffic to winning variations, was enabled for this test from the beginning. Within the second week of the test, the algorithm identified a possible winning variant and began automatically assigning more traffic to it in order to mitigate any negative impact the test would have on revenue.

This occurred in the background without incident, relieving the Kitchen Centers' ecommerce staff of the need to continually monitor the test.

What they say:

Kitchen Center

Kitchen Center

"Our team was able to swiftly test numerous customization tactics and gain significant insights thanks to the HulkApps A/B Testing and Optimization service. On a single test, we noticed a 15% conversion increase, and setting it up and deploying it was a breeze. The service sent the majority of traffic to the successful variant, relieving us of the need to constantly monitor test results."


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